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DC's Best Chefs Are Serving Toast For Dinner. Why? - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Mar 08,2018
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Ellē's grilled kimchi toast with labneh and vegan XO sauce on country loaf. Photo by Joe King Photography.

Source Washingtonian


WASHINGTON, DC. - Toast used to be a slice of nothing special. Toast was for rushing out the door half-an-hour late for work with half a sip of coffee. Toast was for realizing you really should get to the grocery store but, hey, at least this loaf of bread hasn’t expired. Toast was milque—well, you know.

Then came creamy, lovely avocado toast, and suddenly toast was sexy! Artisan cafes were serving it. Upscale hotspots were serving it. Soon enough, Cheesecake Factory was serving it. Next thing you know, avocado toast had become a total cliché. It’s everything wrong with millennials—responsible for ruining the home-buying prospects of an entire generation. RIP avocado toast.

Avocado toast, though, was just the beginning. It was the gateway toast. It gave toast permission to be fancy. It was totally acceptable—nay, cool—to put on small plates menus, accompanying a $14 cocktail. Like every other simple pleasure, it could not escape the manicured claws of Artisanalization.

Source Washingtonian

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