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Chefs From Pineapple and Pearls Will Host a Taco Pop-Up at Archipelago - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Feb 08,2017
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The "pineapple of hospitality" at Archipelago, which hosts a taco pop-up this Sunday. Photograph by Scott Suchman

Source Washingtonian

By Anna Spiegel

WASHINGTON, DC. - This is one pop-up you won’t want to miss. Chef de cuisine Scott Muns and Samuel Meoño from Pineapple and Pearls (a.k.a. the best restaurant in Washington) are taking a day off to sling tacos at Archipelago on U Street this Sunday, starting at 5 pm. Don’t expect fancy food; the event is not associated with the fine dining restaurant or its owner, Aaron Silverman.

Barman/co-owner Owen Thomson and the team will be pouring tiki deliciousness. A menu of street tacos will take cues from Texas, El Salvador, and Los Angeles. Muns says the chefs are planning to make five styles of tacos, including lengua (tongue), cactus, braised chicken, slow-cooked pork with salsa verde, and a sweetbread taco. The latter will be sauced with white mole, a Oaxacan nut-based mole made here with almonds, cashews, and benne seeds. Pricing is still in the works, but likely tacos will go for around $3 (a little more for sweetbreads).

“We’re planning on making a thousand tacos, and hopefully that gets us through,” says Muns.

Source Washingtonian

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