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Beard Papa’s has a funny name but the cream puffs are no joke - Source Washington post

Posted on Feb 08,2016
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A dulce de leche cream puff from Beard Papa's. (Becky Krystal/The Washington Post)

Source Washington post

By Becky Krystal

WASHINGTON, DC. - When we first heard D.C. was getting a new cream puff bakery, the question wasn't why, but why not? After a morning trip to Beard Papa's, the Japanese chain that just landed in Georgetown, we couldn't help but be won over by its array of pastry shells freshly filled with custard.

"Everyone loves cream puffs in Japan," said Nobuko Pierce, the Japanese native who is the franchise owner of the D.C. shop. Even though she's training to be a CPA, Pierce decided to pursue opening the bakery. "At this age" -- over 50, she said -- "I want to do what I want to do."

Each morning, the shop bakes its pre-formed shells, which come in small and large rounds, as well as a ridged ring called a Paris Brest (it roughly resembles the French dessert of the same name that features a praline cream sandwiched between a wreath of choux pastry). The shop also makes its three custards daily: chocolate, vanilla and a flavor of the week.

Source Washington post

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