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Overwood's cozy comfort food

Jordan Wright
By Jordan Wright
Posted on Jan 06,2009
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Photo by Mike Geissinger/Local Kicks

No matter what the state of the nation, there will always be a need for All-American food and a cozy place to share a drink or a meal.  

Overwood leans towards the spare minimalist look, with old black and white photos of its historic Old Town neighborhood, Mission-style chairs and a fashionable open kitchen where foods are prepared over apple and cherry wood-fired grills.  Manager Joe Chapman, one of several owners says, “We consider ourselves a neighborhood restaurant that offers excellent quality and price”.   

Photo by Mike Geissinger/Local Kicks

A Fried Green Tomatoes stack was layered with piquillo cheese, drizzled with jalapeno aioli and accompanied by fried gulf shrimp….an interesting fusion of American regional and Latino flavors which packed a spicy pepper punch.  The few fried shrimp were in-house battered and so delicious one wonders why this is not a staple on the menu.  Rarely can one get fried shrimp that isn’t frozen, purchased from a restaurant supply house.   

An entrée of Blackened Swordfish was highlighted by two relishes…one a classic farmhouse corn relish and the other an Asian twist of pureed ginger and black beans.  Their steaks and chops are straightforward and they pride themselves on locally sourcing produce and fruits in season.

An artisan Macaroni and Cheese with a silken ultra-cheesy béchamel sauce and a perfectly browned crust of cheese, not of breadcrumbs, thank you, could be an all-round award winner if they had “mac and cheese” contests not just chili contests.

Desserts were creative, especially a Bread Pudding with Godiva Chocolate shavings and a Sweet Potato Cheesecake, but if you are in the market for over-the-top you might want to try the Elvis Pie with its Oreo cookie crust, banana slices, peanut butter, Belgian chocolate and whipped cream.  Elvis is alive with this selection.  

Overwood would make a fine choice for a special event with its 36-seat private dining space with original brick walls and window location.  But expect to be easily accommodated in the main dining areas which hold up to 170 patrons
If you're going...
220 North Lee Street
Old Town Alexandria
(703) 535-3340

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