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New Study: Excessive Glasses of Wine May Make One Tipsy

Mari Stull
By Mari Stull
Posted on Jan 12,2009
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A new study released today by the Wine Institute of National Oenophiles (WINO) reveals that sipping multiple glasses of wine may induce feelings of invulnerability, delusions of supreme attractiveness to and from the opposite sex, and a general feeling of euphoria and unbridled silliness.

Old Town resident and long-time Pinot Noir lover, Kitty MacMurray knows first hand the powerful effect wine wields after a few well poured glasses.  “You know, they really should put a warning label on those bottles!  Last weekend the gals and I were just sipping a few – we were probably on our third bottle or so when Bitsy started belting out “Back in Black” by AC/DC.  Then, Katherine started stuffing dollar bills in our waiter’s apron asking him to ‘wiggle it just a little bit.’”  

MacMurray doesn’t remember the moment when the wine aroused these feelings of “tipsiness”  only recalling “one glass we were all talking about braces and car-pool and the next glass we were begging our waiter to put on a Chippendale show. “

MacMurray’s experience echoes the findings of WINOs study.  Dr. Cab Bernay explained, “a chemical in wine, known in scientific circles as alcohol, has an especially powerful effect on women between the ages of 31-51.  Once the alcohol is consumed in 4-6 glasses of wine, women in this age group vividly recall college experiences – mostly centered hooking up at Greek mixers and dancing to the Go-Gos & B52s.   Our study further revealed that once this state of reminiscence is achieved, the wine sipper seemingly believes she is a hottie 19 year old.”

Dr. Cab Bernay offers two key advice for women who sip multiple glasses of wine:

1.Sip in controlled environments.  Restaurants or clubs with accessible dance floors should be avoided at all costs.  Prior to sipping, ensure your server is a woman.  ALL men – regardless of age or actual appearance will become more attractive to you once the alcohol chemical kicks in.

2.Agree on strict discretion.  Prior to sipping, all women should agree that any said and done under the influence of wine shall never be repeated.  

“We are only just beginning to understand the mysterious effect that wine imparts to sippers.  We’ll be conducting controlled studies at Old Town locales, such as Jackson 20, Bar Baudelaire and Overwood.  Although our best laboratory continues to be Landini Brothers.”


 The Vino Vixen™ is Mari Stull – Syndicated wine columnist, correspondent for Wine Taste TV, and member of the Society of Wine Educators.  See her picks in this month’s Travel Girl Magazine  and BlueSky Magazine.  Have a wine question or comment for Mari?  She can be reached at

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