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8 Modern Wine Terms You Need to Know - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Feb 15,2018
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Delaplane Cellars. Photograph of Grapes by Logan Mock-Bunting.

Source Washingtonian


WASHINGTON, DC. - Don’t know your skin-contact whites from your Marsanne? Read on.

Skin-contact whites
Trendy wines whose juice was in contact with the grape skins for an extended period, imparting varying degrees of color, texture, and flavor. It’s not an accident that modern wine lists run heavy on esoteric terms like these, and are often light on explanation. Many intentionally read like puzzles to prompt questions. At Tail Up Goat, beverage director Bill Jensen‘s seasonal menu is accented with quirky titles and classic poetry. “I want you to talk with someone who can speak passionately.”  

Dry Spanish fortified wines are now matched with everything from steak to sushi. Their popularity is partly tied to the rise of Asian eateries. “Our menu is punchy, acidic, full of funky flavors,” says Himitsu‘s Carlie Steiner. “Sherry brings out those umami flavors.” Ditto for Riesling, which Steiner says gets a bad wrap for “sweetness,” (sommeliers prefer the term “residual sugar”). Balanced with the right acidity, they’re the perfect pairing for spicy foods.  

Source Washingtonian

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