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Queen Bee Reigns Over Alexandria Showroom!

Allison Brooks
By Allison Brooks
Posted on Dec 22,2017
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Photo by Allison Brooks

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - In the spirit of the holidays and in the spirit of self-promotion, I wanted to share our festive cheer and good news with the readers of Local Kicks on my latest endeavor.  I have been the Queen behind Queen Bee Designs for the past 15 years and to celebrate my crystal anniversary, I opened a 2,000 square foot Queen Bee Designs Showroom and Pop-Up retail Holiday Shop in the bustling Bradlee Shopping Center!

Channeling Andy Warhol's, The Factory, and building upon the momentum from Maggie O'Neill's - Superfierce I wanted to create a space to showcase women artists, jewelry designers, and business owners with Queen Bee reigning over the space and running the show!  Our gallery has more than a half a dozen amazingly talented female artists from all over the DMV.  Their artwork is displayed throughout our space and helps our showroom come to life.  Prices range from $15-$800

Artists include:

Maggie O'Neill -
Cindy Wallace -
Rachael Bright -
Vennessa Ortiz -
Judy Heiser -
Jeanne Hospod -
Veronica Barker-Barzel Kelly
Natalie Fox -
Emma Jane Goodman -

I happen to be a huge fan of other jewelry designers and we are blessed to have tremendously talented women selling their work including Lydia Coulter who is still in high school!  I plan to mentor Lydia and teach her what I can after my fifteen years in the industry!

Fellow Jewelry Designers:

Meredith Hope -
Dina Mackney -
Lydia Coulter - West Potomac High School freshman and jewelry designer
Stephanie Fornash -

Our space is full of antiques and odds and ends that make our showroom feel like home.  We love when our clients come sit on the couch to relax and sip a little bubbly! Dr. Adrianna Bravo, the doctor at Episcopal High School has gorgeous unique antiques and has styled the store lovingly with the help of Cindy Wallace.  Carol Wasserman is selling beautiful traditional antiques at near give-away prices!  Kristin Burkhalter also from Episcopal High School and co-founder of STARS Lacrosse has also just brought in handbags from her travels throughout Africa.

We celebrated Small Business Saturday with the Mayor Allison Silberberg and have hosted Girl Scout troops to earn their Jeweler's Badge, the 9th grade ladies Episcopal High School had a jewelry making and pizza party.  We are seeing dozens of people every day to personalize their shopping experience with customized jewelry.  My studio and creation station is set up for jewelry and customization on demand in our shop - making jewelry on demand - necklaces can be made longer or shorter, we can convert just about any pair of earrings into clip-on, we can fix broken pieces - even if they are not Queen Bee!

Our Showroom is open with daily hours from 10am-8pm and Sundays 11am-5pm.  Thanks to the support and professionalism from team at Washington REIT we will stay in the bustling Bradlee Center next door to Alexandria Pastry Shop and the Starbucks through January 7th!!!  Please buzz in and let us spoil you and treat you like the queen!  Remember a lady always creates a buzz when she wears jewelry from Queen Bee Designs!

Photo by Allison Brooks

Photo by Allison Brooks

Photo by Allison Brooks

Photo by Allison Brooks

Photo by Allison Brooks

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