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Practical and chic ideas for making a home back-to-school ready. - Source connection news papers

Posted on Aug 10,2016
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Think about how spaces in the home are used during the school year before bringing home new clothes and educational supplies, suggests Chuck Khiel of FRED Home Improvement. Photo courtesy of FRED

By Marilyn Campbell

Source connection news papers

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Before school begins later this month, taking the time to organize home and school supplies can take the stress out of the transition from a laid-back summer to a structured, schedule-driven school year. Local home design and organizational experts share ideas to help parents add practical organizational tools to their home without sacrificing their sense of style.

“Organizing your home to make this transition smooth can make all the difference in the world,” said Chuck Khiel, vice president of FRED Home Improvement in Bethesda. “Giving thoughts to how spaces around your home are used during the school year can help with this organization."

Using space efficiently and creating designated spaces for items like backpacks, jackets, sports equipment and clothing will keep a home organized and prevent the back-to-school necessities from overtaking a home’s aesthetic. “For example, if you have a mudroom, specifying spaces for backpacks, shoes and sports apparel takes the guesswork out of where the kids should be storing their stuff when they enter your home,” said Khiel. “Consistently storing items in the same place will become a timesaver in the morning as the kids are getting ready for school.”

Source connection news papers

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