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Look Inside My Home: A 14th Street Apartment With Wallpaper Made of Electrical Tape - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Apr 30,2019
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All photographs courtesy of Brendan August.
Source Washingtonian

Source Washingtonian


- Brendan August has lived in this 14th Street apartment for more than two years. The 29-year-old landscape architect lives with his roommate, and they’re fans of the neighborhood for its liveliness and walkability.

“I love the vibrancy of the street,” says August, originally from Pittsburgh. “There’s always something going on and something to see. Our apartment overlooks 14th Street, so it’s great for people watching.”

The apartment is a reflection of the two young guys who live there, filled with fun touches and plenty of DIY projects. August loves to host, so instead of oversized furniture, he selected a bunch of smaller pieces that would seat more guests. And the decor makes for a good party, too: He calls the painted walls, framed photos, and knicknacks “conversation starters.”

Source Washingtonian

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