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Designer outstanding in his field reaps inspiration from silo in creating home for couple - Source denverpost

Posted on Jun 22,2016
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The main section of the home’s first floor has a living room, dining room and kitchen combination.

Source denverpost

WASHINGTON, DC. - As the owner and operator of Port City Brewing Company, Bill Butcher is certainly familiar with silos, since he uses one at his business in Alexandria, Va.

But when his designer pitched the concept of a silo as a major component of a vacation dream home he was designing for Butcher and his wife, Karen, the couple said not so fast.

“We had an ongoing dialogue with (the designer) on design decisions,” says Butcher, 49. “And for the most part, they come up with great ideas. But when he suggested the silo, we said, ‘Hmm, not sure.’ ”

Their designer, Mark Turner of Green Spur, a design-build firm based in Falls Church, Va., said the initial skepticism didn’t deter him. The designer grew up on a ranch in Wyoming and has a taste for rustic buildings inspired by barns and farmhouses.

Source denverpost

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