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A House by the Sea - Source Connection News Papers

Posted on Jul 08,2015
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This Chesapeake Bay vacation home with renovations by Doug Roberts and Jessica Parker Wachtel of GTM Architects has an abundance of windows that allow in sunlight and offer views of the water. Photo courtesy of GTM Architects

Source Connection News Papers

By Marilyn Campbell

When a Bethesda, Md., family decided to update and expand their vacation home on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, functionality and style were top priorities.

Doug Roberts and Jessica Parker Wachtel of GTM Architects in Bethesda added more than 1,400 square feet, but kept many of the existing features of the 3,792-square-foot beach house, which was built in 1985.

“What was unique about this project is that the family’s father had originally designed this home himself,” said Roberts. “It’s modern with lots of glass and cathedral ceilings. The family didn’t want to change that. They just wanted to expand it.”

Source Connection News Papers

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