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CHIC IN THE CITY/The Perfect Combination

Aly Jacobs
By Aly Jacobs
Posted on Jun 24,2009
Filed Under Fashion , Local Style,

“Alberto’s designs have a modern flair,
“Alberto’s designs have a modern flair," Liz Miller said.
"He makes incredible pieces using rose gold that I just
absolutely love.”

Mystique Jewelers' owner, Liz Miller, knows what we ladies love: sweet treats and fabulous jewelry!
This Saturday June 27, women everywhere will strut over to Mystique Jewelers to cool down with delicious ice cream while getting dressed in jewels by award-winning local jewelry designer, Alberto Parada.  
Liz describes Mystique Jewelers as an ideal location for this intimate and fun event. “We are tucked away in Old Town on the waterfront. The boutique is not your average showcase; rather than having customers stand, they recline. It’s a very tranquil setting. It looks like someone’s living room.”   

Even though Mystique Jewelers is known for its classic yet unique pieces, Liz is excited to have Alberto Parada come and bring something different to her store.  “Alberto’s designs have a modern flair," she said. "He makes incredible pieces using rose gold that I just absolutely love.”
The event isn’t just for ladies, families are welcome too.

While the women spoil themselves with eye catching jewelry, the children will play games like “Pop-a-Balloon” and “Bean Bag Toss” to win prizes and discounts.  

Guys don’t be shy either! Miller knows how to get inside a man’s head, “Men are much more mission based, so when they come into my store I help them think outside the box.”  

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