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Wizard Of Hip Hops Back To The Spotlight - Source Alexandria news

Posted on Aug 30,2017
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Kanysha Williams, Thomas Jones, II and Jasmine Eileen Coles sing and dance their way through the Wizard of Hip (Photo Credit: Chris Banks)

Source Alexandria news

By Sarah Paez

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Thomas W. Jones II has always been a constant behind-the-scenes presence at MetroStage. As a playwright, lyricist, director and choreographer, he has written and directed Three Sistahs, Bessie’s Blues, and Shake Loose, to name a few, and recently directed MetroStage’s production of Anne & Emmett. He took the stage Sunday night as Afro Jo in the coming-of-age one-man-show Wizard of Hip (Or When In Doubt Slam Dunk), as writer, director, choreographer, and, finally, actor. William Knowles and the Lady Doo Wops composed and arranged the original music. Originally premiering at Studio Theatre in 1992, Wizard of Hip tells the story of "every man" Afro Jo’s journey from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

Flanked by two dazzling back-up singers, the Lady Doo Wops (Jasmine Eileen Coles and Kanysha Williams), Jones poked fun at the show’s—and his own—age, shouting, “Old man dance break!” and calling the show, “Wizard of Hip Replacement.” Yet the joke would be on the audience, as Jones held the stage for the next two hours, dancing, singing and alternating his speech between spoken word, stand-up and soliloquy.

Source Alexandria news

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