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West Springfield's Wind Symphony Plays an Anniversary Concert - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Jun 20,2017
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Sisters Bonnie and Justine Campbell are gaining music and life skills in the symphony. Photo by Mike Salmon.

Source Connection news papers

By Mike Salmon

SPRINGFIELD - In the middle of the West Springfield High School 50th Anniversary Concert, the band hammered out the world premiere performance of “It’s Just a Phase,” by Anthony O’Toole, that was written to commemorate the anniversary event. It was a multi-faceted piece with a lively intro, and a steady progressive beat that rolls along, getting bolder with interjections from the xylophone and cow bell.

“This piece has been a challenge for sure, it takes us out of our comfort zone,” said conductor Eric Hoang, the school’s director of bands that teaches the symphonic, concert, jazz and marching bands at West Springfield. In the description that was on the pamphlet, phrases were used like “embody musically the rambunctiousness of youth,” and “abundantly energetic.” The song complemented an evening dotted with guest stars from West Springfield’s yesteryears, parents, and clarinet player Cameron Harper who is recognized on the state level for his woodwind skills. He is heading to Temple University next year.

Source Connection news papers

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