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THEATRE BEAT/Little Theater presents Dial M for Murder

Kirsten Obadal
By Kirsten Obadal
Posted on Feb 26,2013
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Photo by Heather Norcross

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - It is next to impossible to say anything about the plot of Dial M for Murder without giving up too much, and ruining the play for potential theater-goers.  
In short, then, it is a murder mystery. We do know who the perpetrator is, and we are treated to a fine example of detective work as the police inspector unravels the clues that will lead him to the real killer.  The suspense lies in wondering if the killer will get away with it.

Photo by Heather Norcross

The British have an unerring tradition of murder mysteries, and this is no exception.  You will perhaps remember that this play was written in the 1950’s, and was later made into a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Grace Kelly.  
The playwright is Frederick Knott.  The Little Theater production was directed by Carla Scopeletis.  
The lovely young actress Jenni Patton nails the upper-crusty British housewife role, and is even an icy blonde much like the late Grace Kelly.  It is to the cast’s credit that they portray convincing British accents as well.  
The male lead, Tony Wendice is played by Richard Isaacs; Margot Wendice’s  lover Max Halliday is James Myers, Captain Lesgate is Jerry Hoffman, and Inspector Hubbard is John Henderson.  The cast have multiple credits in community theater and their collective experience makes for balanced, convincing action on the stage.

Photo by Heather Norcross

What is amazing about the script is that with just five actors, we can be riveted to our seat for the entire two and a half hours and three acts of the play.  Sound effects, which at times must filter through a marvelous set, complete the reality of the action which is situated in a posh apartment building in London. Set design is by Dan Remmers.  Patton’s lovely costumes were designed by Susan Boyd, and are really offset by the stiff suits worn by all of the other actors, who are men.
Two thumbs up for this most recent production by the Little Theatre.  The play runs through March 16; tickets may be purchased at

Photo by Heather Norcross
Photo by Heather Norcross

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