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Q&A: Bacon Brothers share favorite songs, movies en route to Birchmere

Posted on Jul 19,2019
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Source Wtop

Source Wtop

By Jason Fraley

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - You work hard to bring home the bacon, so let The Birchmere bring the Bacon home to you.

The Bacon Brothers‘ “Shaky Ground” tour rolls into Alexandria, Virginia for three shows July 19-21.

“If you have a club that has been around for as long as that has, the audience almost gets trained for what kind of response works in that place,” Michael Bacon told WTOP. “So what you get is a really great listening audience but also pretty rowdy. They kind of follow along wherever we want to go. The other thing is that it has an amazing sound system, a great monitor engineer, a great staff, the food is good, they treat us really well. … It’s pretty much the best club I’ve ever played, I’m glad they’re still doing business and we’re happy to be back.”

The set list includes their new song “Play” about Kevin’s marriage to actress Kyra Sedgwick.

“‘Play’ is an answer to the question I get time and time again: ‘How do you stay married for so long?'” Kevin Bacon told WTOP. “It’s a question I’m kind of tired of and when people ask you that they say, ‘It must be a lot of work. Marriage and relationships are a lot of work.’ I say, ‘Not really. It’s really more about play.’ That’s what the song is: a funky response to that question.”

Source Wtop

Born in 1949 and 1958, respectively, Michael and Kevin grew up in downtown Philadelphia.

“We started writing together when I was a kid,” Kevin said. “Michael was already off on a successful music career, playing in bands, recording stuff and playing in Philly. Of course you look up to your older brother, so I started writing songs in my head and having lyrics and I would bring them to him and he would help me form them into songs. So, we started demo-ing some of those and we probably had written about 10 songs together over the years.”

Source Wtop

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