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Pow Wow Explores Native American Culture - Source Connection news papers

Posted on May 23,2017
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In the dance circle, Native Americans took part. Photo by Mike Salmon.

Source Connection news papers

By Mike Salmon

MOUNT VERNON - The plight of the Native Americans through history is nothing to be proud of.

The treaties that weren’t honored, the Nez Perce surrender and the Cherokee’s “trail of tears” in 1838 are not highpoints in American history, yet it didn’t appear to dampen the enthusiasm in Fort Hunt Park when the National Indigenous Circle gathered for the first American Indian Heritage Day.

Tehumtya was one of the organizers for the May 14 event, and appreciated the cooperation between the National Park Service, the National Indigenous Circle (NIC), veterans and the Six Nation Iroquois Smoke Dancers. “It’s a healing event,” said Rachel LeQuire of the park service.

The healing she spoke of was healing of the mistakes of the past, the misconceptions about Native Americans, and the environment which they have relied on through the years. It was Mother’s Day, so “mother earth,” was mentioned more than once. Apensanahkwat, part Menominee and part Ojibway was in from Wisconsin where his relatives grew up. “When I’m dancing, I am dancing for my life, for the creator. Everything we do in life has to do with the creator,” he said.

Source Connection news papers

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