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Performing Arts: The Man with the Violin - Source Washington life

Posted on Feb 09,2017
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Source Washington life

When renowned violinist Joshua Bell touches down in Washington in early February for a six day stint as artist-in-residence at the Kennedy Center, it will mark the start, for the artist, of a a rare multi-day stay in a single city. In January alone, New York-based Bell performed in Austria, Amsterdam, Germany, England, Florida and California to promote his newest album “For the Love of Brahmans.” Bell says he’s on the road more than 300 days a year, a schedule he has maintained for more than three decades. “My life is pretty crazy,” admits the father of three. “I feel like I’m constantly spinning plates, like those circus acts. Either that or the ‘I Love Lucy’ episode with the conveyer belt. But I seem to thrive on that.”

His February 6-12 collaboration with the Kennedy Center, where he first performed at the age of 17, coincides with the venue’s commemoration this year of the centennial of John F. Kennedy’s birth.

Source Washington life

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