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Outstanding! Little Theater delivers with A Few Good Men

Kirsten Obadal
By Kirsten Obadal
Posted on Sep 12,2019
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Photo by Ari McSherry
(from left to right) Jonathan Mulberg (Lt. J.G. Sam Weinberg), Brendan Quinn (Lt. J.G. Daniel Kaffee), Emma Wesslund (Lt. Cmdr. Joanne (Jo) Galloway)

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Many readers may recall the tense thriller movie, A Few Good Men, directed by Rob Reiner and based on the play by Aaron Sorkin.  Jack Nicholson’s punchy delivery of the line, “You can’t handle the truth!” added drama to this depiction of a scenario based on real life events surrounding the investigation and courts martial after the death of Private Santiago in an off-the-record Marine Corps disciplinary action called a “Code Red.”

In the intimate venue the Little Theater of Alexandria, in Old Town on Wolfe Street and south Washington, the actors’ energy is even more palpable as the tension builds to find out who is responsible and how the death actually happened.  Careers are on the line.  Lead actor Brendan Quinn (Lt. J. G. Kaffee) has to develop a backbone and find the courage to fight in court instead of copping out with a plea bargain and then returning to the baseball diamond for the afternoon. Great chemistry with the sole female in the cast challenges him to man up for the task. Actress Emma Wesslund(Lt. Commander Joanne Galloway) exerts her grit with aplomb in a testosterone-charged atmosphere, and it’s a great depiction of the professionalism and determination of women in uniform.

The Little Theater’s reputation as a quality theater is richly deserved in this exciting and engaging production.  Producers Carol Jean Clark, Katie Kellenberger and Robert S. Kraus team up with director Kathleen Barth for this current production.

A dramatic lighting moment highlights the tragic suicide of one of the Marines in Santiago’s chain of command.  Lighting designer Ari McSherry stuns with a single red flash this moment in the play.

Theater attendee Lois, of Mount Vernon, told Local Kicks that “This is one of the best courtroom dramas ever.  My husband is a Marine; I liked the depiction of marine life, because it really rang true.  I think this play surpassed the movie.  I would not have thought they were actors, but real Marines.”

Actor David Kimmelman, who portrays Colonel Nathan Jessep, told Local Kicks that he visited Quantico to prepare for the role of the tough-as-nails colonel.  “I also watched films that depicted Marines, in addition to interviewing some actual service members who had roles in the cast.”

Courtroom drama is a great genre for an intimate theater such as this.  The production was fast, riveting, and holds the attention from start to finish.

The play runs through  September 28th.  Purchase tickets online at  Try for an upfront seat, so as to better hear the complex and important dialogue.

Photo by Ari McSherry
(from left to right) Miguel Rosario (Lt. Jonathan Kendrick), Johnny Goodwin (Cpl. Dunn), Craig Morris (Cpl. Hammaker), Christian Kampe (Cpl. Howard), and John Paul Odle (Lance Cpl. Dawson)

Photo by Ari McSherry
(from left to right) Fred Lash (Capt. Isaac Whitaker) and Emma Wesslund (Lt. Cmdr. Joanne (Jo) Galloway)

Photo by Ari McSherry
(from left to right) David Kimmelman (Col. Nathan Jessep), Miguel Rosario (Lt. Jonathan Kendrick), Jeff Haslow (Capt. Matthew Markinson), Brendan Quinn (Lt. J.G. Daniel Kaffee), Emma Wesslund (Lt. Cmdr. Joanne (Jo) Galloway), and Jonathan Mulberg (Lt. J.G. Sam Weinberg)

Photo by Ari McSherry
(from left to right) Nicholas Temple (Lt. Jack Ross) and Brendan Quinn (Lt. J.G. Daniel Kaffee)

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