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Old Town's Dr. Jen, 'Chiro On The Go' with Lady Gaga

Gale Curcio
By Gale Curcio
Posted on Mar 01,2011
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Photo by Allison Priebe Brooks/Local Kicks <br /> <br />Lady Gaga, taking a breather from the prancing onstage at Verizon Center.
Photo by Allison Priebe Brooks/Local Kicks
Lady Gaga, taking a breather from the prancing onstage at Verizon Center.

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - When Lady Gaga rolls into town, local services jump into action.
Local lighting, wiring, sound, technical and logistical companies are called to provide assistance to ensure that the show goes smoothly.

Yet, there is one more service that Lady Gaga’s team needs to make things roll a little more smoothly – chiropractic care.
For the past two DC shows, Dr. Jen Faber, founder of Kinetic Health Alternatives and DC rep for Dr. Dot’s International Chiropractic and Massage Team, has been their go-to person for Ladylast minute adjustments.

Originally called Chiro On The Go, Dr, Faber is the founder of this revolutionary method of on-site chiropractic care specializing in workplace wellness.
Rather than waiting for people to come to her, she goes to them.
A few backstage adjustments were all that was needed to get Lady Gaga’s gang into alignment and moving better than ever.

Courtesy Photo <br /> <br />Dr. Jen Faber of Kinetic Health Alternatives
Courtesy Photo
Dr. Jen Faber of Kinetic
Health Alternatives

At last year’s show, one of Gaga’s lead dancers questioned whether he’d be able to perform at The Verizon Center after spraining his ankle two days prior to the performance. After receiving treatment from Dr. Faber, he moved through his routines flawlessly.

While Gaga’s dancers were rehearsing, Dr. Faber, stationed in an "on-the-go" set up shop, treated her “Little Monsters” to ensure peak safety and wellness to give Washington, DC the superb show it deserved.

“It was surreal to see her [Lady Gaga] and the crew," Dr. Faber said. "It was truly amazing to for one night be a part of something as incredible as The Lady Gaga Tour...I am beyond honored that I was also asked to do the February 24 show and make my small contribution to the success of the tour.”

Faber received her B.S. in Kinesiology and Social Psychology at the University of Wisconsin and her D.C. at Palmer College of Chiropractic.
Tired of life in Wisconsin, she headed to Morocco, where she began her clinical career as one of 15 resident doctors in Palmer's Clinic Abroad Program.

Dr. Faber went on to complete her residency at Back to Living, the leading alternative medicine wellness center in Wellington, New Zealand. She thought about staying there, but it was too far. She looked into California and Colorado, but kept hitting dead ends and decided to take a job in Washington, DC.

“Coming to DC was not in my plan, but I trust in doors that open,” Faber said. “If it’s not happening easily, then it’s not meant to be.”

She initially worked for a "brick and mortar" practice, but soon tired of seeing up to 100 patients a week. She was burnt out and wanted to spend more time with her patients. She started her business and called it "Chiro on the Go,"  but there were some trademark issues so she changed to the current name of Kinetic Health Alternatives.

Dr. Faber founded Kinetic in 2010 to address the growing need for improved accessibility to health care, notably complementary and alternative medicine practices, and to redefine wellness in the workplace.  

Kinetic Health Alternatives is changing the healthcare delivery paradigm by providing mobile patient-site treatment rather than facility-based treatment.

Photo by Allison Priebe Brooks/Local Kicks <br /> <br />Lady Gaga and her dancer dance onstage at Verizon Center. Luckily for them, Old Town's Dr. Jen Faber, the
Photo by Allison Priebe Brooks/Local Kicks
Lady Gaga and her dancer dance onstage at
Verizon Center. Luckily for them, Old Town's
Dr. Jen Faber, the "chiro on the go," was
backstage to help with any sore muscles.

Services are rendered on-site, at the convenience of the patients’ schedules.

Kinetic Health Alternatives is changing the paradigm in which doctors and patients live in by doing what the industry doesn’t. "Practitioners come to you, because we believe that your time is valuable, as is the investment it takes to nurture good health," Faber said.

Mobile services include Chiropractic Care; Functional Rehab; Corporate Wellness Solutions; Workshops and Webinars; Virtual Consultations and Ergonomic Assessments

Dr. Faber doesn’t just work on the rich and the famous like Lady Gaga and her concert team.
One of her patients, Carrie Regan, the vice president of series development at National Geographic Television, said she's been seeing Dr. Faber since 2008. Regan describes herself as an active person who participates in triathlons (up to Ironman distance) and has run several marathons.
"Despite my fairly rigorous training schedule, Dr. Jen has kept me virtually injury- and pain-free over the years," Regan told me. "When injuries or nagging pains have cropped up, I find them healing much faster than without treatment.

Regan said that a half-hour session with Dr. Jen leaves her feeling better than after a 90 minute massage, "rejuvenated and refreshed." She added, "My nagging pains release and I feel myself standing taller and breathing and walking easier."

Regan said that she had one serious injury in recent years, coincidentally after she refrained from seeing Dr. Faber for months.
"I saw two different doctors who recommended very traditional routes to healing," such as a walking cast which she said wreaked havoc on her hip and knee. "After months of frustration with the slow pace of healing, Dr. Jen's innovative suggestion--PT Tape to reduce stress on the affected tendon, along with her treatment--has improved the injury to the point where I finally, gratefully, see a light at the end of the tunnel."

Regan said that she has recommended Dr. Faber to a number of friends, from fellow triathletes to colleagues plagued by chronic pain, who she says have raved about their experience with her. "Besides being incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, she has an unwavering sunny and professional disposition that is infectious."

Faber's new company, Kinetic Health Alternatives, makes seeing her all the more easy.  "Getting to and from the chiropractor's office used to consume an hour or more out of a day packed with meetings--and now, it couldn't be easier – she comes to me. With my busy schedule I couldn't appreciate it more. And, her services are eligible for flexible spending."

Her colleague and fellow "Dr. Jen fan" Emma Rigney could not agree more. "Dr. Faber has changed my back and my life," Rigney said. "Her passionate and very caring approach is second to none. Always at the forefront of the latest chiropractic techniques, Dr. Jen is truly a modern day healer!"  
Another patient, Roseanne Lopopolo, agrees.  "Dr. Jen has a knack for identifying the specific painful area and relieving the tension and strain with a gentle yet firm hand. I have had many different practitioners and Dr. Jen really has the magic touch."

For more information, call Dr. Jen Faber @ 703-300-0145 or email her at Additional information also available at

Gale Curcio is an independent writer and public relations consultant in Mount Vernon.

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