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Ogre Exorcised at the Little Theatre's A Christmas Carol

Kirsten Obadal
By Kirsten Obadal
Posted on Dec 07,2017
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Photo by Michael DeBlois
Richard Isaacs as Bob Crachit and Thomas Kennedy as Tiny Tim and cast

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Charles Dicken's well-loved and popular Christmas tale of the conversion of heart of Ebenezer Scrooge is well told in this production by the Little Theatre of Alexandria.  Producers Maria Ciarrocchi and Jean Coyle bring us a lovely evening of drama punctuated by carols in three part harmony--the audience even joined in singing Joy to the World.  Director Eleanore Tapscott incorporated a good number of children in the cast, who sing like angels between bouts of throwing snowballs.  

The play opened with a mystical and sad ghost dance, with white-clad dancers in Victorian dress dancing their sad afterlife and opening up the casket of Scrooge's former partner, Bob Marley.  Marley's ghost emerges and steals the show with a compelling dramatic performance by Little Theatre veteran actor Larry Grey.  Grey reappears later onstage as the robust, hearty and cordial Mr. Fezziwig, again dominating the stage with his large spirit.  By contrast, Cal Whitehurst's Scrooge is a thin, mean, dull and heartless man who has sold his soul for gold.  His very normality reminds us that we too, can become a heartless miser if we do not care for our fellow men and women.

The Victorian, inner city set is fog-ridden and illuminated by gas street lights and warmly lit windows of shops and homes.  The only window always dark is that of Scrooge's abode.  Matt Liptak's set design is modified with small changes to make a scene change.  Nine year old theater goer Quinn noted, "They didn't overdo the set or set changes.  Just small changes created a whole new scene.  I really liked the ghosts too."  Friends Mia and Dahra chimed in, saying "The spirit of the future was really dark and scary; I liked Marley's ghost....and how Scrooge said 'Bah, humbug.'"  Maryland resident and theater artist Lisa S. noted that a nice touch was that one of the ghost dancers was on ballet point shoes: "That was a nice touch, very cool."  Lisa also noted that "The goal of a director is to create a credible world for you to enter, and they did that very well in this production.  I really got swept into the world they created."

Young Thomas Kennedy pulled our heartstrings as the frail Tiny Tim.  If you do not have a merry Christmas after seeing this production, you may be visited by three Spirits.  Act fast to obtain tickets, as the production is nearly sold out.  Visit or call 703/683-5778.

Photo by Michael DeBlois
Jenna Hoffman as The Ghost of Christmas Past, James Kennedy as Boy Scrooge, and Cal Whitehurst as Scrooge

Photo by Michael DeBlois
Larry Grey as Fezziwig and Hannah Pecoraro as Mrs. Fezziwig and cast

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