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National Building Museum's Summer Block Party Launches with 'Hive' - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Jul 04,2017
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Source Washingtonian

By Christine Jackson

WASHINGTON, DC. - Visitors looking for the National Building Museum’s newest installation won’t have to ask where to find it. “Hive,” the series of silver and magenta domes, takes up most of the atrium and looks something like a pipe organ constructed by honeybees.

Designed by Chicago’s Studio Gang, the structure is the tallest ever to be installed in the National Building Museum, with the oculus of its highest dome topping out at 60 feet when completed.

“When you see the finished piece…it only took two weeks to construct, but the design time before that is probably six months of design work,” the exhibit’s designer, Jeanne Gang, says. “It hadn’t really been done before to use the tubes in this way structurally or with the slotted connection. So we literally had to go through the crushing tests to make sure it would work.”

Source Washingtonian

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