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Music Connection Brings Young Music to Elderly Ears in McLean - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Feb 14,2017
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From left: Caroline Brunner, Jane Gardner, and Jay Edwards celebrate another successful Music Connection performance at Lewinsville Retirement Residences. Photo by Colin Stoecker

Source Connection news papers

By Colin Stoecker

MCLEAN - Caroline Brunner, a junior at McLean High School, looked on approvingly as a fellow band member performed a piece from Chopin on the piano.

Her concerts at Lewinsville Retirement Residences may be earning her a Girl Scout Gold Award — the Girl Scouts’ equivalent to the eagle scout award, but she’s also bringing smiles to the elderly each month with the help of her band mates.

She organized the Music Connection concert at Lewinsville Retirement Residences on Sunday with the help of May Al-Barzinji, 37, the resident services manager.

“It was amazing, Caroline was very professional for a young girl. She did an incredible job,” said Al-Barzinji.

Music Connection is a program Brunner started for her Girl Scout Gold Award. She aims to bring together the youth and the elderly in the community through music, and earn this distinguished honor through this service project.

Source Connection news papers

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