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LTA tees off laughs with Fox on the Fairway

Kirsten Obadal
By Kirsten Obadal
Posted on Jun 17,2019
Filed Under Entertainment , Local Style,

Photo by Matt Liptak
Brendan Chaney as Dickie Bell and Lorraine Bouchard as Muriel Bingham.

ALEXANDRIA, VA, - Golf aficionados will enjoy this Ken Ludwig play, which is as easy and refreshing as a G and T at the 18th hole.  This light and frothy comedy is a perfect way to spend a summer evening after a day of cursing on the driving range.

Players know that certain stressors can throw off their game.  So it is with golf protégé Justin (Cameron Mc Bride), who has been brought in to salvage an annual grudge match between two rival country clubs.  A massive wager is on the line, as well.  Theater goer Larry, of Alexandria, commented that “Being distracted and off your game is a real problem for golfers.  This play shows that in a very funny and humorous way.”  Great shenanigans follow to keep Justin on his A-game.

Producers Luana Bussolo and Russell M Wieland team up with Director Scott J. Strasbaugh to bring the usual high standards of the Little Theatre to bear in this romp across the greens.  A small cast deftly keeps the pace going and handles the “combat” scenes and slapstick with abandon.  Raeanna Nicole Larson, Ken Kemp, Patricia Nicklin, and Brendan Chaney and Lorrain Bouchard round out the cast of veteran actors.

Great dramas and classics are meant to be analyzed.  A light comedy like this is meant to be enjoyed with a cocktail and belly laugh.  Drop your clubs in the trunk, and head over to the Little Theatre.  After all, it’s just a game, isn’t it?  Through June 29. Tickets at

Photo by Matt Liptak
(Left to right)  Raeanna Larson as Louise Heidbedder, Cameron McBride as Justin Hicks, Ken Kemp as Henry Bingham and Patricia Nicklin as Pamela Peabody.

Photo by Matt Liptak
Director Scott J. Strasbaugh  on the set.

Photo by Matt Liptak
(Left to right) Patricia Nicklin as Pamela Peabody, Brendan Chaney as Dickie Bell and Ken Kemp as Henry Bingham

Photo by Matt Liptak
(Left to right) Patricia Nicklin as Pamela Peabody, Ken Kemp as Henry Bingham and Cameron McBride as Justin Hicks

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