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'Living Coral' Named 2019 Color of the Year - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Feb 12,2019
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Living Coral can be introduced into one’s home through art, says designer Amanda Mertins. Photo courtesy of Patina Polished Living

Source Connection news papers

By Marilyn Campbell

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - A breeze of warm air to heat the winter chill is how some designers are describing one of the trendiest colors on tap for this year. “Living Coral” was selected as the 2019 Color of the Year by the Pantone Color Institute, the self-described global authority of color. It’s a shade that is expected to have a prominent presence in interior design, home accessories and fashion this year.

“It works well with most of the foundation colors everyone has in their homes including white, taupe, gray, and brown,” said designer Amanda Mertins of Patina Polished Living in Alexandria. “If you choose to paint, it can help to brighten a space lacking natural light.”

Described as a nurturing color that can be found in nature, Living Coral is a shade of orange with a golden undertone. “It can be used as a wonderful accent color,” said Mertins. “Introduce it with artwork, toss pillows, rugs and throws.”

Life-affirming and reminiscent of coral reefs, Living Coral is credited with the ability to breathe life into any space in one’s home. “[It’s] is vibrant, energizing shade … that can be incorporated as a light accent or bold statement in both a kitchen or bath,” said designer Natalia Fabisiak of Nicely Done Kitchens and Baths in Springfield. “As the timeless trend of white kitchens continues, Living Coral offers the perfect pop of color an all-white kitchen may need.”

Source Connection news papers

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