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Little Theatre of Alexandria Presents "Red, White, and Tuna" - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Jun 06,2017
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Stephen McDonnell rehearses the part of Arles, one of about 10 characters he plays in LTA's production of "Red, White, and Tuna," now through June 24, 2017. Photo contributed

Source Connection news papers

By Steve Hibbard

In the hilarious comedy, "Red, White, and Tuna," the Little Theatre of Alexandria (LTA) returns to Tuna, Texas, the state's third smallest town, where the Lion's Club is too liberal, Patsy Cline never dies, and the residents never stop listening to the OKKK radio station. In this third installment of LTA's 2009 production of "Greater Tuna," two actors again create the population of Tuna, including a few hippies who have returned to their roots for their high school reunion. The show runs from June 3 to June 24, 2017.

Stephen McDonnell plays the role of Actor 2, whose many characters range from an aging vegan hippie, to a macho Texan radio man, to a mild-mannered animal lover, to the first lady of Tuna society (with an overdeveloped sense of what constitutes right and wrong). There's also a woman who lives to "shoot first and ask questions later," he said. "Each one is recognizable and outrageous ... perhaps that's what makes them all funny."

McDonnell used to act in New York City, but his real love was stand up comedy and improv. "Rediscovering all the little tricks that actors develop to learn their parts has been both a challenge and a joy," he said, adding that memorizing the line load was daunting. "Also, I have never had a role with so many costume changes, so many wigs, so many characters. Keeping them straight is an added challenge."

Source Connection news papers

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