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Last week to catch Target Gallery's exhibition Homage: Past Influences

Posted on Oct 22,2012
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Falling Out All Over – Site Specific Installation by Brenda Oelbaum

ALEXANDRIA, VA. – The Torpedo Factory Art Center’s Target Gallery presents Homage: Past Influences, which opens on October 6th and runs through October 28th. The exhibition examines work that paysrespect or dedication to past influences. The all-media exhibition showcases 26 works by 19 artists from across the country, including three local artists.

Michigan based artist Brenda Oelbaum’s installation consists of a life-size photograph of herself, naked among stacks of diet books. Stacked in front of the photograph are hundreds of diet books, among them a Papier-mache sculpture of the Venus of Willendorf also made from pages of diet books. As a “Fat, Feminist Artist,” Oelbaum ask the viewer to examine what it means to be “beautiful” and “healthy” in todays society by reflecting on the iconic “Venus” sculpture and our own cultures obsession with dieting.

Alexandria based artist Stephanie Booth’s video Safety Film is just one of the many pieces reflecting on the undeniable urge we all have to connect to our personal history. Of her work she says “Memory and family history are human constructs created by our minds as a way to keep us connected to the past and ground us in the present. It does not matter if how we remember anevent is how it actually occurred. What matters to each of us is that what we keep in our minds is what we accept as reality.”

Our juror for this exhibition was Brooke Seidelmann, Director for The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts. She reflects on her selections for this exhibition by posing the question “Is it possible to relive the past by recreating it in the present?” Seidelmann continues by stating that, “In reviewing over 200 works submitted…in my role as juror, I came to realize that this was the central question artists faced in creating works for the show Homage. Although the range of artists is broad and their works are varied, the artists largely fall into two categories: 1) those who use art as a medium in an attempt to pay homage to their own pasts; and 2) those who pay homage to artists of the past by reviving their works to interpret the present. Both sets of Homage artists attempt to answer the central question through distinct approaches; yet, when viewed together their works lead the viewer to realize that although we cannot recreate the past, it can always be used to inform the present.

The selected artists are: Diane Blackwell (VA), Stephanie Booth (VA), Abigail Cassner (GA), Sarah Fagan (OR), Jodie Mim Goodnough (MA), Matthew Hall (PA), Daniel Koterbay (RI), Alexander L Landerman (WI), Luisa Mesa (FL), Dawn Nye (ME), Dale Odell (AZ), Brenda Oelbaum (MI),Diane F. Ramos (OH), Katrazyna Randall (ME), Scott Michael Raynor (NC), Ryan Schroeder (MD), Sandra Sitron (NY), Jenny Wiener (FL), Helen Zughaib (DC)

Gallery Information
The Target Gallery is the national exhibition space of the Torpedo Factory Art Center, a 501(c)(3) organization. The gallery promotes high standards of art by continuously exploring new ideas through the visual media in a schedule of national and international exhibitions.  We are located on the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria, VA. The gallery is open daily from 10-6pm and until 9pm on Thursdays. The entire exhibition will be online beginning October 6th, 2012 at

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