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Jonny's Come Home: Alexandria native Jonathan Edwards to perform at the Birchmere - Source Alextimes

Posted on Sep 12,2017
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Jonathan Edwards will perform at The Birchmere on Saturday (Photo Credit: Denise Maccaferri)

Source Alextimes

By Denise Dunbar

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Saturday night’s concert at the Birchmere is a homecoming of sorts for singer/songwriter Jonathan Edwards, whose hit “Sunshine” propelled him to fame in 1971. Edwards grew up in a home on the Potomac River in the Fairfax County section of Alexandria and has fond memories of roaming the then wilds of the area. He sang at open mike nights at the old Cellar Door in Georgetown with the likes of Emmylou Harris and Joni Mitchell in the late 1960s.

Edwards will be performing several songs from his latest album, “Tomorrow’s Child,” which contains autobiographical material about his experiences with adoption and reunion. Alexandria Times Editor and Co-Publisher Denise Dunbar recently caught up with Edwards by phone. Below are excerpts from their conversation.

DD: Is it true that the anti-war song ‘Sunshine’ almost didn’t make it onto your debut album, titled ‘Jonathan Edwards’?

JE: Yes, we were so new at recording… The world knew nothing about recording multi-track in the late 60s and early 70s. It was a brand new adventure to get the keys to the studio.

Source Alextimes

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