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Jackson Browne at Wolf Trap, Running on Full

Gale Curcio
By Gale Curcio
Posted on Jul 27,2012
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Courtesy Photo<br /> <br />Jackson Browne hasn’t changed much since he first started playing with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in the 60’s<br />
Courtesy Photo
Jackson Browne hasn't changed much since he first started playing with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in the 60's

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - When Jackson Browne came out on stage at Wolf Trap this week, he didn’t look like he had aged hardly at all during the 40 years or so since he has been performing.

The only physical indication that he had aged was when he said he needed a magnifying glass to tune up one of his guitars.

His musical style has definitely grown over the years – and if you liked the mix of his old hits combined with his newer acoustic tunes, then the concert was just right.

Photo by Gale Curcio<br /> <br />Jackson Browne says goodnight after encore.<br />
Photo by Gale Curcio
Jackson Browne says goodnight after encore.

Browne dodged many of the requests yelled out by fans throughout the evening. At one point, he said, “I guess this is the point in the show where I listen to the audience,” and played an old favorite. When old fan asked him to play ‘something from the 70’s,’ he responded, ‘I’ve left the seventies.’"

Throughout the evening he did mix in plenty of old favorites including "The Pretender," "Running on Empty," "Take It Easy" and others throughout the show.

"Running on Empty" got the crowd on their feet as Browne closed out the concert and came back for an encore with "Take It Easy." However, he did not play "Doctor My Eyes" or "Late for the Sky.".

Lea and David Miller from Vienna were hoping that he would sing the latter song. Purchasing Jackson Browne t-shirts before the show, David said, “We have seen him several times and love him. Last time we were at Wolf Trap, I saw a shooting star while he was playing Late for the Sky and we had to come back.”

Paul and Emily Pavot from Fairfax were seeing Browne for the first time. Emily said that she had purchased the tickets for her husband’s birthday.

One of the new songs that Jackson did early on was Standing in the Breach. He said he wrote during the Haitian earthquake.

While the tour was billed as a solo acoustic, Browne was accompanied by guitarist Val McCullum for most of his songs. Sara Watkins, the fiddler/singer, who opened for Browne accompanied him for several of his songs as well. Watkins, singer and fiddler player, opened for Browne with a 45-minute set.

Photo by Gale Curcio<br /> <br />David and Lea Miller show off their Jackson Browne t-shirts.<br />
Photo by Gale Curcio
David and Lea Miller show off their Jackson
Browne t-shirts.

Watkins, who started performing as a singer and fiddle player at the age of eight with Nickle Creek, just released her second full-length album. She played an eclectic mix of tunes, including an interesting rendition of the Everly Brothers, You’re The One I Love.

Browne not only introduced Watkins at the beginning of her set but he also played with her for the last two songs.

He referred frequently to McCullum and halfway through the show gave him an opportunity to play one of the songs from his new album, Tokyo Girl. McCullum was accompanied by Watkins.

Browne mentioned that performing was "like rocking with his buddies in his living room." It was definitely an intimate show with Browne responding as much as possible to the audience’s requests. He said that it was the first time on the tour that he had played outdoors.

Photo by Gale Curcio<br /> <br />Paul and Emily Pavot see Jackson Browne for the first time.<br />
Photo by Gale Curcio
Paul and Emily Pavot see Jackson Browne for the first time.

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