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Glimpses of the Moon Lights the Night at Metro Stage

Kirsten Obadal
By Kirsten Obadal
Posted on Oct 05,2010
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Natascia Diaz
Natascia Diaz

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Carolyn Griffin has done it again.
The Old Town theatre impresario presents Glimpses of the Moon, a Jazz Age Musical based on the novel by Edith Wharton, with music by John Mercurio and lyrics by Tajlei Levis.  

Lauren "Coco" Cohn, Matt Anderson,
Stephen Schmidt and Gia Mora

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., Glimpses of the Moon’s characters live up the roaring 20’s, looking for a way to marry money.  
Their hearts nearly get lost in the process of chasing the almighty dollar.  
It is a strong cast, with actors coming from DC as well as New York.  
Lauren “Coco” Cohn is especially strong as a character actor, and has been seen in Legally Blonde 2 and Desperate Housewives.  
Viewers can be sure to see more of this talented actor in the future, somewhere, before long.  
Natascia Diaz takes on the lead, with Sam Ludwig, Matthew Anderson, Gia Mora and Stephen F. Schmidt.  Roz White and Tracy McMullan alternate as cabaret singers.  

Photo by Colin Hovde <br />Natascia Diaz and Sam Ludwig
Photo by Colin Hovde
Natascia Diaz and Sam Ludwig

Music is provided by a quintessentially cool and on the mark jazz trio, with Daris Smith, Brent Birckhead, and Greg Holloway performing.  David Marquez choreographed and directed; Music was directed by Darius Smith.
Metro Stage offers a small, intimate venue, and the space was literally vibrating with the actors’ energy leading to an exhilarating experience.  
“Glimpses” has been performed in the Oak Room in New York’s historic Algonquin Hotel, but this is considered its debut.
Edith Wharton wrote her novel Glimpses of the Moon in 1922.  It quickly became an international best-seller and a film of the story came out the following year.  
She received a Pulitzer Prize in 1920 for her novel The Age of Innocence, but as she said, “I think Glimpses of the Moon a much better book; it is more interesting, more memorable and closer to the heart of things.”  
Edith Wharton went on to write 40 books, telling stories of the American experience.  She is noted for her wit, irony, and moral tone.  
Wharton is also the author of Ethan Fromme and The House of Mirth.
“Glimpses” runs until October 17 at MetroStage in Old Town, Alexandria.

Photo by Colin Hovde<br />Lauren
Photo by Colin Hovde
Lauren"Coco" Cohn and Sam Ludwig

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