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An Entertaining Evening, and More in Tysons - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Feb 22,2018
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 Jacob Yeh, Sam Ludwig, Matthew Sparacino, Tendo Nsubuga, Jeremy Keith Hunter, Caroline Wolfson, Michael Crowley, Gary Dubreuil, Katrina Clark, Frank Britton, Edward Christian, and Amanda Forstrom in "The Farnsworth Invention" at 1st Stage. Photo by Teresa Castracane/Courtesy of 1st Stage

Source Connection news papers

By David Siegel

TYSONS, VA. - Full of clever interactions and sharp dialogue, the 1st Stage production of “The Farnsworth Invention” is a lively, fictional drama for a wide audience. It is not only history buffs who can find the production rousing entertainment. Those who have become immersed in current issues surrounding the growth of the internet as a source of entertainment and news can become engrossed too.

“The Farnsworth Invention” was written by Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing” and “The Social Network”). Under Alex Levy’s fluid direction, there is a theatrical tension to what might have been a mere lesson about the past. In a regional premiere, Levy has taken Sorkin’s multiple narrators and alternative versions of the truth to become a lively battle between two titans of invention. They are David Sarnoff and Philo Farnsworth.

Sarnoff (portrayed with determined gusto by Jonathan Lee Taylor) is an immigrant to America from the strife of Russia. He is now a self-made New York City media mogul. Farnsworth (played by Sam Ludwig as a driven individual with an “Oh Gosh” temperament) is a self-taught technical genius who grew up in Idaho and Utah. Each of these two could see a future world others could not.

Source Connection news papers

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