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Alexandria's Murals - Source Alexandria news

Posted on May 30,2018
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Mural at King Street Blues (Photo: Kevin Baten)

Source Alexandria news

By Kevin Baten

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Alexandria has many murals. Here are a few that can be found in the east end of the City.

The Nannie J. Lee Recreation Center is on Alexandria’s south side. The Miracle Field is located next to the Lee Center and is a place where children and adults of all abilities and disabilities play together. It has a very interesting meaning because this mural was created for people with disabilities and it shows the creativity and equality of everyone. The quote “Courage To Live Big” tells us that their disability can’t stop them from being creative as any normal kid or adult.

Old Town also has a very patriotic mural painted on the wall of King Street Blues representing the American culture by showing people in a painting of the American flag and the Statue of Liberty – both the flag and the statue stand for freedom and liberty. Next, one of the loading dock doors of the Torpedo Factory Art Center is painted in a very colorful and artistic way. This tells the public that the building is full of artists creating different types of art every day and that art lives here. The next mural is located at the plaza entrance of the Torpedo Factory. This mural is different from the rest because it shows a view of the Potomac River as it might appear through a real window from inside of the Torpedo Factory. This mural was painted to show summertime because you can see many people enjoying the nice weather at the river. The last mural at the Torpedo Factory is more a piece of abstract art because it has different colors and shapes.

Source Alexandria news

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