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A Rock Band of Pre-Teens Has a Purpose - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Aug 14,2017
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With their post-Grunge outfits, the Magnetic Toxins include Hunter Malecki, 13, left, Anderson Bonanno, 10, Maddie Powell, 11, Christian Moreno, 10, and Ryan Bonanno, 13.

Source Connection news papers

By Mike Salmon

LORTON, VA. - When teenage musicians in the “Magnetic Toxins” were coming up with a name for their band, they didn’t just throw out some remotely related caustic words with shock value. Instead, their name related to teenage tendencies that took some thought.

The name “is kind of like younger kids are attracted to things that are not good for them,” said Ryan Bonanno, 13, guitarist and vocalist in the five-member band based in Lorton who are performing their next benefit concert for the Lorton Community Action Center on Sept. 23.

“I think it’s really cool we can be in a band,” said Anderson Bonanno, 10, who is the drummer most of the time. The other “Toxins,” include Christian Moreno, 10, Maddie Powell, 11, and Hunter Malecki, 13.

The big time band “Green Day,” is a big influence, said Anderson, who plays the guitar now and then, and Christian jumps in at the drum set. Their September concert at the Lorton Community Action Center is the second time they played the benefit show, but Ryan said the group liked the shows because “they wanted to give something back,” he said.

Source Connection news papers


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