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A Different Kind of Wonderful in Chantilly - Source Connection news papers

Posted on May 03,2018
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From left: Students Jefry, Sedona, Fernando, Bruce, Brandon and Brittany by the display. Photo by Bonnie Hobbs.

Source Connection news papers

By Bonnie Hobbs

CHANTILLY - Besides teaching digital art at Westfield High, Kerry Johanson teaches two classes of Adapted Art for students with special needs. And although many of them have difficulty communicating verbally, they’re able to express themselves through art.

So imagine their joy at having their artwork on exhibit for the rest of the school to see. “One of our goals is inclusion,” said Johanson. “During the year, they display their work in the art cases and in the library, just like any other art students.”

Recently, however, they did something extra-special. “We’ve had art in the pyramid art show before,” said Johanson. “But this year, the students created a 20x8-foot, 3D, Southwestern U.S. desert scene that was displayed for three weeks in the student gallery in the main foyer.” Most of the items were paper sculpture and included cactus, scorpions, a coyote mom and her pups, armadillos, desert owls, vultures, coral snakes, roadrunners, dead trees, lizards and painted rocks.

Source Connection news papers

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