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Paul McCartney Brings a Raging Energy to FedEx Field

Kirsten Obadal
By Kirsten Obadal
Posted on Aug 04,2009
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Photo by Flickr/intellichick<br /> <br />During his FedEx gig on Saturday Paul McCartney dedicated a song to
Photo by Flickr/intellichick
During his FedEx gig on Saturday Paul McCartney dedicated a song to "John, George,
Linda and all the lovely people."

Who says the Beatles are dead?
They were very much alive and kicking Saturday night at Fedex Field when the one and only Paul McCartney rocked the stadium with scores of Beatles and Wings classics, in addition to several new tunes he tried out on the crowd.  
Performing with his band The Firemen, McCartney looked as fit as a fiddle and was in good voice as he belted out old favorites like Eleanor Rigby, and dedicated Michelle Ma Belle to Michelle Obama.  Ironically, he dedicated Back in the USSR  to President Obama.  Hmmm...
Two huge screens flanked the stage and the stadium was also lit up by cell phones, lighters and digital camera flashes as the audience went into a Beatles-worthy frenzy during the show.  
Some of McCartney's modern tunes were more mellow, and concertgoers sat back and enjoyed the night breeze as colored lights flickered on the stage.
McCartney barely broke a sweat in his tailored white shirt, red braces and skinny black trousers. In fact, the Lad from Liverpool came back for two encores.  
The first encore featured Lady Madonna and Hey Jude, with McCartney imploring the audience to sing verses.  The relentless audience screamed for more and McCartney and the Firemen came back with Yesterday, Helter Skelter, Get Back and Sergeant Pepper.  
The raging energy of the concert culminated in a fireworks-accented rendition of Live and Let Die.
While red flames leapt up from stage front, and fireworks ascended from the back drop, McCartney taught us how to live for a few breathless moments until darkness descended and we all drifted back to earth.
After all, the Redskins will be playing pre-season here this weekend.
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Watch an extraordinary slide show of McCartney's FedEx Field Concert on Flickr, by Clicking Here

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