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Oh, The Parties! Oh, The Fun at the World's Largest Prom Party

Posted on May 12,2009
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Michelle with actress Rachel Leigh Cook.

Saturday night was my favorite event of the year, The White House Correspondents' dinner parties held at the Washington Hilton.
It is so much fun to see Hollywood descend on the Potomac to mix and mingle with Politicos and Pundits. This year my husband Steve and I were guests of Congressional Quarterly.

Each media outlet invited several notables and celebrities to be their guests at the dinner following the cocktail parties.
This year CQ invited actress Rachel Leigh Cook, actor Christian Slater and celebrated chef The Rock, of Fox TV's Hell's Kitchen fame. I had the honor of chatting with both Rachel and The Rock, who grew up in Alexandria,  and they were both very kind and down to earth. I do have to give Rachel the nicest celeb of the night award.
My husband was also able to meet and chat with Bob Schieffer, who hosts CBS' Face the Nation.

One of the best parts about the cocktail parties is the party hopping.
We stopped by the Bloomberg party and ran into former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Dana Delaney and Tim Daly. Dana Delaney was very gracious posing for several photos.

Steve D'Ettorre with Madeleine Albright

Next, we headed over to the Newsweek and PEOPLE magazine parties. Here we ran into Richard "The Belz" Belzer. I was able to snap a few photos of the VIP's enjoying this area including actress Eva Longoria, actress Tyra Banks and Chef Gordon Ramsey.

On our way back to the CQ party we said hello to former Reagan Chief of Staff Ken Duberstein and got a photo op with actors Jason Bateman and David Kross.

This year Wanda Sykes was the featured speaker at the dinner. However, President Obama had a few great one liners himself! 
Michelle D'Ettorre writes the Alexandria Paws column for Local Kicks.

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