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Maureen McGovern Soars at Arena Stage

Jordan Wright
By Jordan Wright
Posted on Apr 02,2009
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Maureen McGovern is neither cartographer nor conqueror yet she carves a trail into your heart with her unique voice and memoirist’s journey.
Crafted with co-writer Phillip Himberg, the show takes all those “born between 1946 and 1964” on a spiritual voyage through the songs beloved by the generation who experienced “The Summer of Love”, the Vietnam War, the assassination of three of its greatest leaders up to the most powerful leadership change the world has ever seen.

In revisiting that musically simpler time, a time when lyrics were easily memorized, radio was still the dominant music outlet and the singer was often the writer/poet, Ms. McGovern shares her life chronologically alongside the music of the day, by artists Judy Collins, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Carole King and others.

She chooses the most transformative episodes of her life and, using music, parallels them with the dramatic events of our time and the themes are universal. Music is the message.

With pianist, Jeffrey D. Harris, carving out the intricate melodies, she morphs into the music with her voice, sweet and insistent as a lark, soaring, insinuating, as she glides, strides, struts and swoons across the stage…the audience, calling out, “That’s right!” or “I remember that too!” Her riff on a dozen or more be-bopping, nonsense lyrics from “back in the day” have the audience roaring from the jump-seat.

If a magical night of musical memories with a brilliant and “Feeling Groovy” songstress as your guide is your pleasure than look no further than this very special evening with Maureen McGovern in “A Long and Winding Road."
If You're Going...
Until April 12th
At the Arena Stage in Crystal City
1800 South Bell St.
Arlington, VA

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