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The Passion of Patrick Ewing - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Jan 17,2018
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Photograph by John Loomis.

Source Washingtonian

WASHINGTON, DC. - One night last March, John Thompson Jr., Georgetown University’s legendary former basketball coach, made a recruiting call. Thompson hadn’t coached the Hoyas since 1999, but this wasn’t your average bit of college-hoops lobbying.

In 1981, Thompson had convinced a teenager named Patrick Ewing, then the top high-school basketball player in the country, to play for him. They won it all three years later. But now the powerhouse program they had built was struggling. Georgetown coach John Thompson III—Thompson’s son—had been fired. The school needed a replacement. So Thompson reached out to his old protégé. “You should put your hat in the ring for the job,” he said.

Much like in 1981, back when Thompson was trying to lure him to a school that was small fry among his NCAA suitors, Ewing was torn. At 54, he had spent most of his adult life in the National Basketball Association—first as one of the league’s greatest players, then as a well-traveled assistant coach. He had never considered college coaching. On the other hand, this was Georgetown—or as Ewing puts it, home.

Source Washingtonian

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