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Swimming Anyone? - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Sep 18,2018
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Jim Park practices breaststroke at Mount Vernon RECenter on Belle View Boulevard in preparation for the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics. Photo by Shirley Ruhe.

Source Connection news papers

Jim Park's bare feet leave wet footprints on the concrete at Mount Vernon RECenter swimming pool. He heads for the first open lane and slips into the water. Jim is there on his lunch hour to meet his wife Geneva so they can practice for the upcoming Northern Virginia Senior Olympics (NVSO) events.

"Jim is the swimmer," Geneva Park says. "I'm more of a tennis player."

Today, Jim Park will swim 20-30 laps, practicing the breaststroke and freestyle, his two best events, while Geneva Park will do about 10 laps mixing it up with backstroke and freestyle.

"Jim never takes a break; he doesn't get tired. He set a record," Geneva Park interjects.

"That was when I was eight years old," Jim Park says, "and two years later someone else beat the record and his name went up on the wall. I couldn't figure out where my name went."

Jim Park says he grew up swimming. He was on the Northern Virginia Swim Team. "I grew up around here, near Springfield Mall.” He will compete in the 50-yard breaststroke and the 100-yard freestyle.

Source Connection news papers

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