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How to Conquer 'Gymtimidation' and Kick Butt at a Boutique Fitness Class - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Jan 17,2019
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Source Washingtonian


As the co-founder of FitReserve, a fitness app that gives customers access to passes at over 750 studios and gyms, Megan Smyth has built her business off of trying the newest classes in boutique fitness. Here are her seven tips for going solo at a daunting group fitness class.

Consider what kind of environment you want
If you have never done a boutique fitness class at all, it’s more about choosing something that you feel comfortable with and considering whether you want alone time or if you’re looking for more of a group social experience. If you really want to zone out for an hour, a meditation class may be a better bet. If you want more of a social experience, you may take a partner yoga class or boot camp class, where they pair you up with other people throughout the class.

Do your research to avoid ‘gymtimidation’
A lot of people are very intimidated when they work out, whether it’s walking into a gym or a small studio with a class. I think the best way to avoid what a lot of people call ‘gymtimidation’ is doing your research so you know what to expect: everything from what to wear and how long the class is to what you should bring. If you go in feeling prepared, you’ll feel more at ease and can avoid that feeling of anxiety of not knowing what to expect or what’s going to happen.

Source Washingtonian

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