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Arlingtonian Joining in Trans America Bike Race - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Jun 06,2018
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Bruno Dedet has his bike outfitted for the Trans America Bike Race which began June 2 in Astoria, Ore. Photo by Shirley Ruhe.

Source Connection news papers

By Shirley Ruhe

Bruno Dedet has his Lynskey titanium bike all equipped and ready to board the plane to Portland for the Trans America Bike Race. The race is scheduled to begin in Astoria, Ore. on June 2 at 6 a.m.

The day has been busy with a trip to his bike store in Bethesda and the usual errands since he will be gone for 20 days — an appointment to get his dog Laos his vaccines, a trip to get the car inspected before the sticker expires this weekend. "We were going to get a ticket." And he is about to walk to Jamestown Elementary to pick up his daughter before heading back to the bike shop to get his Lynskey packed in a special box. "I have to protect the fragile parts." Tonight he will create his Facebook and web page for the trip.

Dedet will join 109 men and 6 women for the 4,263 mile bike race from Astoria, Ore. back to Yorktown, Va. and, "I hope I will be able to do 200 miles a day."

Source Connection news papers

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