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7 Tips for Running at the Beach - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Jul 05,2018
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Source Washingtonian


WASHINGTON, DC. - Running at the beach always seems like a good idea. Get up early, clock some miles, and catch the sunrise before the shore is sprinkled with families and happy dogs. Finish dewy and refreshed for a day of doing absolutely nothing. In reality, you forget to check the tide schedule and end up playing tag with the Atlantic while rubbing sweat, salt, and sunscreen out of your eyes, while sand sloshes around your shoes.

But running at the beach doesn’t have to suck. Local running coaches Julie Sapper and Lisa Reichmann of Run Farther & Faster offer their tips for hitting the sand without ending up with sore muscles for a week.

Gradually Transition
Running on the beach has many benefits—the softer surface means less impact to joints and improved core stability—but those used to hitting the pavement or treadmill should manage their expectations. “Heading out for your typical 5K run along the beach on the first day of vacation can lead to injury, particularly in your calves and ankles, because your legs and feet aren’t accustomed to the challenges of running on the softer sand,” say Sapper and Reichmann. They suggest walking on the beach for the first few days of vacation before gradually transitioning from shorter beach runs (no more than ten to fifteen minutes) to longer runs.

Source Washingtonian

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