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Neighbors say Alexandria shooting turned lives upside down

Posted on Jun 16,2017
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Michael Quander

The shooting at a baseball diamond in Alexandria, Virginia, affected much more than those who were hurt.

Some people who live in the Del Ray neighborhood said the shooting makes them feel like victims too.

You don’t have to look far before seeing strollers in yards and babies at front doors. Children and families live just steps away from a crime scene.

Georgia Anasatasiou woke up to the sound of helicopters and sirens on Wednesday.

She grabbed her son and held him close.

“I couldn't believe that it was happening right here in our neighborhood. I was scared,” Anasatasiou said. “We come to this park everyday -- me and my son. I have a 5-year-old son and we come and we play in the playground. We play in the park, garden there where the FBI is searching.”

The FBI tweeted it was not having a press briefing on Thursday, but the investigation was still underway at the field where Rep. Steve Scalise and four others were shot during a Republican baseball practice.

Two of the victims were agents with the Capitol Police Department.

“I'm really, really upset. I'm sad. I'm -- my heart's broken. This is our safe haven,” Anasatasiou explained.

Anasatasiou said her world was flipped upside down as many parents now worry about the safety of their children who play at the park.

“You just try to go on like it's an everyday thing which is difficult and kids sense that something is different but you just keep going on with it so they can get over it,” Anasatasiou said.

Despite the caution and the concerns, Anasatasiou said she is not going to let the actions of one man run her out of her neighborhood.

“I mean I live here. You know? It's like my backyard,” she said. “Of course I'm going to be back.”

Source Wusa9

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