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Jury finds former Somali colonel responsible for torture - Source Washingtonpost
May 22,2019

A jury on Tuesday found a northern Virginia man who once served as a colonel in the Somali Army responsible for torturing a man more than 30 years ago under a government campaign against its perceived enemies.

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Man Found Dead In Huntington, Police Seek Family
May 17,2019

Detectives are looking for the relatives of a man who died in Huntington on May 5, Fairfax County Police say. Officers were called to the 2200 block of Huntington

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Woman arrested for trespassing 3 times at CIA, asking to speak with 'Agent Penis'
May 10,2019

A woman who allegedly trespassed three days in a row at the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters and requested “to speak to Agent Penis” has been arrested.

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Children's Entertainer in Northern Virginia Facing Child Pornography Charges
May 10,2019

A well-known children's entertainer in Northern Virginia is facing child pornography charges. Steven Rossi, of Reston, who is often known by his stage name, "Mr. Knick Knack,"

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Homicides Down, Aggravated Assaults Up In Alexandria: Report - Source Patch
May 09,2019

New data from the FBI shows that some Part I crimes, or serious crimes against people, were down in Alexandria last year. The Alexandria Police Department announced the 2018 data for Part

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Hate Crimes in Virginia Jump Almost by Half
May 01,2019

Virginia recorded more than 200 hate crimes in 2017 — up nearly 50% from the previous year, according to the latest data from the Virginia State Police. That surge, along with the neo-Nazi rally

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Person Dies, Another Injured In Old Town Alexandria Fire - Source Patch
Apr 11,2019

One resident was found dead when a fire broke out in Old Town Alexandria early Wednesday. The Alexandria Fire Department responded

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No Jury Verdict Reached In Alexandria 'Werewolf' Murder Case
Mar 29,2019

An Alexandria judge declared a mistrial in the murder case where the defendant believed he killed a werewolf in Old Town Alexandria last summer. The jury did not reach a verdict, split between finding

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