Virginians face fewer choices, or none, under Affordable Care Act

Virginians are facing fewer choices— or none at all — when buying health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Next year, only one insurer will sell the coverage in 28 of Virginia’s independent cities

Take the edge off the election: 2016 election-themed cocktails

Between the scandals, the he-said she-said and the never-ending attacks, it’s safe to say that those paying attention to this year’s presidential race are in need of a cocktail - and a strong one at that.

New bus to National Harbor aims to ease congestion

Starting Sunday, visitors and employees will have a new way to get to and from the National Harbor resort complex. A new Metrobus service - the NH2 - will carry riders from Alexandria to National Harbor.

'Party to Murder' Has More Twists, Turns than Drunk Snake

This fast-paced murder mystery delivers everything enjoyable about this genre, including stage combat, thunderstorms, wind, explosives, séances, secret passageways, flickering shadows

Car driven on bike path in Alexandria

Alexandria Police are still looking for the driver who drove onto a bike path Tuesday evening at Fort Mile Run Park Trail in Alexandria. The park is a sanctuary for cyclists and walkers, but Tuesday at 5 p.m., a peaceful night at the park was interrupted.

Virginia voter registration deadline extended through Friday

A federal judge has granted a brief extension of Virginia's voter registration deadline after heavy demand prevented some voters from registering online. Judge Claude Hilton on Thursday ordered an immediate reopening of voter registration

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