Alexandria proposes registry for short-term rentals; public hearing set

If you share your home with short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb in Alexandria, Virginia, you could soon be required to register with the city. "One of the problems with the home-sharing program

Titans best rival West Potomac 14-8

Fumbling and losing the ball on the opening kickoff is often a sign that you're in for a bad day. But that was not the case for T.C. Williams High School on Saturday as their stingy defense

Get Free Lyft Rides For Halloween In Greater Alexandria

While many people are excited to celebrate Halloween, don't risk your life or others when partying in the Alexandria area. The nonprofit organization Washington Regional Alcohol Program

Happy Tart Bakery Makes Triumphant Return To Del Ray

Happy Tart Bakery is back, and it's better than ever. The bakery at 2307 Mt Vernon Avenue has reopened after closing for renovations last December.

Northern Virginia Conservation Trust Acquires Wetland Site In Alexandria

Thanks to the nonprofit Northern Virginia Conservation Trust, a rare wetland property in Alexandria will be preserved. In February, NVCT acquired a 1.97-acre wetland located

Salmonella sickens 150 people who attended chili cook-off

Health officials say about 150 people living in eight states have been sickened by salmonella after attending a chili cook-off in Virginia. Dr. David Matson, director of the state's Eastern Shore Health District

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