Poll: 9 in 10 Native Americans Don't Mind 'Redskins' Name

A new poll finds that the vast majority of Native Americans aren't offended by the Washington Redskins name - an indication that a national campaign to ban the name has had a surprisingly small impact on most Native Americans.

First Metro maintenance surges to have big impact on Silver, Orange, Blue line riders

The newly revised version of Metro's SafeTrack maintenance program will affect commuting plans for tens of thousands of riders during June. These are just the first two of 15 special programs that will continue into 2017, but a look at them shows

Virginia bakery gives women a second chance at life and career

The chocolate chip cookies that come out of the oven at the Downtown Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia are so much more than a chewy confection - they're a symbol of a second chance. Two years ago, Colida Johnson, 37, came to the church's kitchen

Alexandria-Arlington community calendar, May 20-26, 2016

Friday, May 20 Alexandria thrift shop Features clothes, housewares, kitchen appliances, paintings, books and more. Proceeds benefit local charities. Friday-Saturday at 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Church of

Wild turkey spotted wandering around Old Town

A wild turkey is wandering the streets of Old Town, Alexandria. It was spotted Thursday on the north side of Old Town and in the Del Ray area. "There have been multiple calls," said Alexandria City Police Spokeswoman Crystal Nosal.

Foundation Helps Addicts Recover as Opioid Deaths Soar

Scraps of newspaper obituaries, photographs of the departed and handwritten notes in memory of loved ones collage the bottom third of a sectioned-off piece of the wall at the McShin Foundation’s intake office.

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