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Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright is a longtime foodie. The Food Editor of Local Kicks, she has been a private chef for eight years and is the granddaughter of Redskins football team founder and 37-year owner George Preston Marshall. A moment with Jordan would leave a dyed-in-the-wool fan reeling and begging for tales of reminiscence about the “Hogs.”

Articles By Jordan Wright

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Food, Inc. Takes on the Realities of an Industry Gone Haywire
Jun 03,2009

In his new documentary, “Food, Inc.,” scheduled to premiere here on June 19, producer Robert Kenner lifts the veil on the shameful underbelly of food production in this country.

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RENT ties up Jealousy, Slum Landlords and True Love into an Entertaining Bow
May 29,2009

RENT, the successful and long-running Broadway show, currently at The Warner Theatre in the District, combines themes of jealousy, betrayal, hunger, slum landlords, disease, drug abuse, thievery, homosexuality,

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Finding a Sugary Nirvana of Butter Cakes and Snickerdoodle Cookies at Farmer's Market
May 27,2009

Anita Benton of Desserts, Etc. exudes a certain unmistakable Southern style. She’s Hattiesburg, Mississippi, born and bred, and although the drawl is nearly gone you’ll know you’re down-home with her steal-the-show Southern-inspired cakes and cookies.

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Gaylord's Moon Bay Serves up Modern Maki with an Eye on Perfection of the Palate
May 20,2009

When you spend your days and nights pursuing taste and flavor delivered by a panoply of chefs, you are at the mercy of many hands preparing many dishes. Sometimes the dishes are simple, a nicely done roast chicken or shrimp dumplings;

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How to Enjoy a Spring Garden Party
May 13,2009

Ahhh…the distinctive allure of a Virginia spring. Splashes of nature’s saturated color everywhere…azaleas pinks and hydrangea’s blues. Down dappled Alexandria sidewalks we peer into backyard gardens to see bold

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CakeLove's Warren Brown Brings his Sugar Rush to National Harbor
May 06,2009

Warren Brown is on a mission. The eponymous all-American baker, owner and founder of CakeLove and Food Network star, has plans to get you into the kitchen.

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Founding Farmers Opens as an Eco-Friendly Watering Hole
Apr 29,2009

There was a long line for a table outside Founding Farmers on a recent Thursday evening. It seems the in-and-out economy hasn’t afflicted the success of this eco-friendly watering hole. A restaurant so green they recently

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From Gravy Biscuits to Mexican Wedding Cookies,Brenner's Bakery Slathers on the Southern Style
Apr 22,2009

Every chef has his or her trade secrets…special ingredients, little known sources, on-line products, techniques, tools and tricks. Here’s one of mine. I buy my biscuits at Brenner’s Bakery.

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