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Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright is a longtime foodie. The Food Editor of Local Kicks, she has been a private chef for eight years and is the granddaughter of Redskins football team founder and 37-year owner George Preston Marshall. A moment with Jordan would leave a dyed-in-the-wool fan reeling and begging for tales of reminiscence about the “Hogs.”

Articles By Jordan Wright

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NIBBLES & SIPS/Raw Silk Hosts a Wine-Paired Dinner
Jul 22,2009

Old Town’s latest addition to Indian food, Raw Silk, is hosting four-course Chilean and South African wine-paired Indian dinner on Monday, July 27, at 719 King Street in Alexandria.

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NIBBLES & SIPS/Koi and Kora Make us the Hollywood of the East
Jul 20,2009

KOI is coming. The restaurant, whose other outposts are in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Bangkok bumps up DC’s profile as the hot city to be in. Raspberry mojitos, sake cosmos and sushi, it’s already a celeb magnet.

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Coconut Milk of a Very Different Kind
Jul 09,2009

Toss out the notion of a sticky, sweet drink mixer for pina coladas or the other kind that comes in a can and is used as a cooking ingredient for Thai curries.

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Del Ray's Pork Barrel BBQ Boys Headed for Hollywood
Jul 08,2009

A super-secret reality show scheduled for a major network’s fall line-up has approached Del Ray's Pork Barrel BBQ in Alexandria. Partners Heath Hall and Brett Thompson, currently waiting for the ink to dry on their contract, swore me to secrecy…

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Valerie Harper Wittily Channels Hollywood Bad Girl Tallulah Bankhead in 'Looped'
Jun 18,2009

Valerie Harper wraps her considerable performing skills around the witty and uninhibited Tallulah Bankhead like a full-swing sable coat and inhabits the former screen star’s persona like a hungry spirit.

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Turandot Captures Tragedy with Balletic Passion
Jun 17,2009

Maija Kovalevska made her Kennedy Center debut as the slave-girl, Liu, in this season’s Turandot and the role will never be the same. Her portrayal of the sympathetic Liu was nothing less than transcendent.

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Nibbles and Sips with Jordan - Good Thinking!
Jun 11,2009

Crystal Farms, the new Farmers’ Market on Crystal Drive has a novel idea to re-use bags. You know the flimsy ones we try to recycle that sometimes blow away and get caught up in trees and make that fizzy flapping noise in the breeze for weeks.

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Alexandria Restaurants Rule the Rammys
Jun 08,2009

Three Alexandria chefs walked away with the top awards at the Rammys Sunday night, with Cathal Armstrong's Restaurant Eve, BRABO by Robert Weidmaier and Tony Chittum of Vermilion picking up Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year

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