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Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright is a longtime foodie. The Food Editor of Local Kicks, she has been a private chef for eight years and is the granddaughter of Redskins football team founder and 37-year owner George Preston Marshall. A moment with Jordan would leave a dyed-in-the-wool fan reeling and begging for tales of reminiscence about the “Hogs.”

Articles By Jordan Wright

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Alexandria: DC’s New Dining Capital
Jan 10,2014

It's Restaurant Week!! Learn about Alexandria's magnet restaurants and what they mean to our city's regional and national appeal. In recent years, the reputation of Washington's restaurant scene has soared nationally. Not coincidentally, more Alexandria restaurants are climbing the list of DC’s top dining venues.

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SUMMER ESCAPES/ Viva Florida 500 in Tallahassee
Jun 07,2013

As Florida celebrates its 500th anniversary of Ponce de Leon's arrival, visitors to the state should put Tallahassee high on the list of sites to visit. Better known for lobbyists and legislators, Gators and Seminoles, the state capitol is a fascinating historical and recreational locale

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Nibbles and Sips/Lessons in Modern Japanese Dining
May 24,2013

Following in my tried and true method of going to newly trendy restaurants at unfashionable hours, I had no problem getting into Daikaya, the wildly anticipated Japanese restaurant and bar with its first floor ramen house, Izakaya. I’m told the Japanese like to dine on many levels but my plan was to head upstairs where I would dine with one

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NIBBLES AND SIPS/ Top Chef Master Marcus Samuelson
Feb 20,2013

A child is seated on the grass in the Land of the Midnight Sun, his attention drawn downward by a clump of flowers. They are everywhere stretching across the rolling hillside as far as the eye can see, but he is focused on collecting specific elements for a simple bouquet clutched in his tiny left hand. A striped knit cap is pulled

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NIBBLES & SIPS/Crystal City Gets Good Stuff
Oct 31,2012

A klieg-lit opening for Spike Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Eatery in Crystal City brought out family, friends and TV crews recently. Bravo’s film crew has been trailing Spike for his upcoming show Life After Top Chef - and apparently his guests too. An all-who-enter-within waiver was tacked to the wall outside the front door

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NIBBLES & SIPS/Kraut Rocks Brings Cool Cabbage Vibe to DC
Oct 17,2012

Kraut Rocks is the hipster appellation promoters have conferred upon a sauerkraut competition involving five of DC area leading chefs. Steered by Bravo’s Top Chef alumni Spike Mendelsohn, the contest is sponsored by Great Lakes Kraut (GLK), a century-old company and largest producer of sauerkraut in the world.

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NIBBLES AND SIPS/The Occidental, Forever Young
Aug 30,2012

In the shadow of the White House a special watering hole welcomes celebrities, power brokers and out-of-towners in equal measure. The Occidental Grill and Seafood situated beside the Willard Hotel continues its reputation as a swank establishment where legions of notable devotees have long gathered to drink

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Bistrot Lafayette: Piaf Would Love This Place
Aug 22,2012

Along Old Town’s well-trodden King Street is where you’ll find Bistrot Lafayette, a cozy intimate restaurant which this month is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Bistrot Lafayette is a little shabby, a little chic; just how the legendary French chanteuse Piaf would prefer.

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