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Cindy McCartney

Cindy McCartney

Cindy McCartney is a designer and owner of Diva, a designer consignment boutique just off King Street.

Articles By Cindy McCartney

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At the Intersection of Double Standard and Poor
Apr 07,2009

Let me just preface this story by telling you that I don’t even pretend to understand the fine points of accounting or economics, but why do viable, sensible solutions to the dire problems with our economy seem to be right in front of our eyes?

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Jul 22,2008

It would be a fair statement, I think, to say that America is dog-crazy. In a really good way. People love their dogs like kids. Sometimes more than kids, let's face it. For pete's sake, my store is named after one of my dogs,

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The Chronicles of Diva - Gastronomy 101, or, pork cheeks, anyone?
Apr 07,2008

I think I am pretty sophisticated in a lot of ways…but my tastes in food are more like a third grader’s. No one would ever confuse me with a “foodie”, by any means

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Mar 11,2008

As you know if you read the column two weeks ago, I am as fascinated with the fashion of words almost as much as, well, the fashion of fashion. So it was with some shock mixed with a little disbelief that the other night I was called, “Hon”

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FROM UH OH TO AHA…or how to annoy people beyond belief ?
Feb 26,2008

There are many days I thank my lucky stars that I am not in Corporate America anymore. Sure, having a business of my own certainly presents its own challenges, but they are my challenges

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To The Ghosts of Christmas Past...
Dec 04,2007

December is the month of shopping excursions, crowded malls, pickpockets and a lot of emotional stress. Of course, we should all focus on the “real” meaning behind the holidays we celebrate, but somehow emotion and stress just seem to take over our consciousness.

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Cindy McCartney / Diva Designer Consignment and Other Delights
Nov 19,2007

Cindy McCartney and her Old Town boutique Diva Designer Consignment and Other Delights.

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