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Mari Stull

Mari Stull

A wine journalist and columnist whose musings appear in over 25 newspapers, magazines, and online outlets monthly. The Vixen de-mystifies wine one sip and wine-oh at a time with her down to earth and humorous approach to vino.

Articles By Mari Stull

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The Vino Vixen™ Thanksgiving Wine Picks
Nov 20,2008

Wine Alexandria Virginia By The Vino Vixen™ Thanksgiving Vino I love Thanksgiving. I love it because I can’t cook and nobody expects me to (or could tolerate my feeble attempt at it). So, I am always assigned the duties of setting the table and pairing the wines. It’s a great gig! My family is intimidated at the thought of artfully pairing the perfect wine with the grand feast.

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It’s All Greek to Me - Wine from the Beginning by The Vino Vixen - Wine Alexandria Virginia
Oct 15,2008

Wine Alexandria Virginia By The Vino Vixen™ Wine - The Most Civilized Drink in the World One can argue that all of modern civilization has its’ roots in Greece. And certainly the most civilized of our modern world is a glass of fine wine.

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Vino Vixen Vino Rules of Thumb - Wine Alexandria Virginia
Aug 20,2008

Mari Stull - The Vino Vixen™ - Wine Alexandria Virginia Ran across a very interesting website called Rules of In their words, a Rule of Thumb is “a homemade recipe for making a guess. It is an easy-to-remember guide that falls somewhere between a mathematical formula and a shot in the dark. A farmer, for in­stance,

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Three Reds You’ve Never Sipped (but should) - Wine Alexandria Virginia
Jul 23,2008

Shiraz – done that. Cabernet Sauvignon – all the time. Merlot – yawn. Pinot Noir – last night. Yearning to take a walk on the wild side of red wine? Try these three. All funky. All great values.

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The Vino Vixen’s Black Book Of Very Cool Wine Stuff - Wine Alexandria Virginia
Jul 16,2008

Coolest Champagne Flutes- TheInsideOut Collection of barware turns the common knowledge of what a drinking glass should look like on its head. Well-known and iconic shapes of glasses are hidden behind a neutral and discreet outer shape, unassuming and simple. But once you pour the drink, the glass' inner identity appears, creating an unusual and highly fascinating effect. Love ‘em. $60 at

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Wine Tasting at The Phillips Collection: American Tour of Wine
Jul 11,2008

Swirl, sip, and socialize at the Phillips. with our own Mari Stull, “ The Vino Vixen” wine correspondent for Wine Taste TV and syndicated columnist. Enjoy eight wines from the former homes and workplaces of Richard Diebenkorn, Jacob Lawrence, and Brett Weston: California, Oregon, New Mexico, and Washington State.

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The Restaurant Awards Gala Inside Scoop
Jul 10,2008

If you’re a foodie, social maven (or simply live elsewhere than under a rock) – you’ve no doubt heard about the Restaurant Awards Gala for Metro DC (RAMMYs) that’s like the Emmys for our local restaurants, bars, and chefs. LocalKicks ran a list of the winners in last week’s edition.

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Crude Oil and Champagne Can’t Live Without ‘Em
Jul 02,2008

Mari Stull - The Vino Vixen - Sticker Shock - Last week I filled up my tank to prep for my four hour drive to beach. $86. And I don’t drive an SUV. Dayum – I think I’ve seen one-way airfares to Florida for less than 86 bucks. $4.22/gallon – haven’t seen that kind of craziness at the pumps since the reign of Jimmy Carter.

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